Dominic Cooper and Liv Tyler Race for 'The Cure'

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Two Hollywood stars are about to come to the rescue—on the big screen, that is. Word on the street in that Dominic Cooper (the former "Captain America" heartthrob) and Liv Tyler (of "LOTR" fame) are in talks for the lead roles in "The Cure."

Cooper would play Jeff, a devoted husband desperate to cure his dying wife (Tyler), who decides to give her over to a strange doctor for an unconventional treatment, that ultimately turns her into a blood-lusting killer (oops!).

We suspect around this point in the story, things start to get really out of hand.

Dennis Iliads ("The Last House on the Left") has been linked to direct the thriller from a script by Beau Throne, but will likely helm two others, "Pay the Ghost" and "The Demonologists," first, Shock Till You Drop reports.

Which means that Cooper and Tyler should have ample time to prepare for their dark roles as husband and wife.

And that can make us all feel a little better.