'True Blood's Joe Manganiello's Feeling 'Magic'

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Calm down, folks. Just because the actor behind everyone's favorite tenderhearted werewolf is in talks to join Steven Soderbergh's film about male dancers doesn't mean you can go all crazy like you're at Hunkamania or something.

Stop throwing dollar bills at your computer screen. Joe Manganiello hasn't even made it official that he's trading his lumberjack wardrobe for a banana hammock!

EW reports that Manganiello is in talks to play Big Dick Richie. Yes, you read that right. Big. Dick. Richie. Worst stage name or best stage name? He'd be joining Channing Tatum, whose real-life experience as a male dancer inspired Steven Soderbergh to give up his retirement plan, Alex Pettyfer, Matt Bomer, and Matthew McConaughey-hey in this "Saturday Night Fever"-flavored film.

This begs this question -- will we get to the bottom of those rumors about Pettyfer's "Thank You" tattoo? And what else is there to see of Manganiello after "True Blood"? Well, rumor has it that Soderbergh, who gave Sasha Grey her first mainstream acting gig in "The Girlfriend Experience," isn't going to shy away from frontal ween, so perhaps he'll one-up Alan Ball in that department.

"True Blood" fans can rest assured that "Magic Mike" won't interfere with Alcide's future on the show, either. HBO has just ponied up for a fifth season of its bloody, gooey, naughty hit soap opera.

"Magic Mike" is on schedule to open next September, so keep it in your pants until then.

And Channing Tatum, consider yourself off the hook for "She's the Man" and "Dear John."