Ridley Scott Tosses 'Blade Runner' on His To-Do Pile

[caption id="attachment_66680" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Warner Bros."]Harrison Ford in Blade Runner[/caption]

It's Ridley Scott's world, and we're just living in it. His latest remake-my-own-movie project is "Blade Runner," the incredible sci-fi film that's inspired countless directors, artists, fashion designers, tattoos, and Halloween costumes.

There's not much info other than that, we're afraid. Maybe he got a little tipsy at a party and was like, "Hey! Maybe I'll remake 'Blade Runner.' That would be awesome," and someone overheard it. We don't know.

According to Deadline, he's hooked up with the production company behind "The Blind Side," Alcon Entertainment, so perhaps Sandra Bullock can take over Harrison Ford's role and become a female Deckard on the hunt for replicants who need her Oscar-winning tough love.

Scott's upcoming movie "Prometheus" started out as a prequel to his equally groundbreaking film "Alien," which came out three years before "Blade Runner." Since it's been announced, "Prometheus" has transmogrified into its own movie that takes place in the same universe and is connected to "Alien" -- we're just not quite sure how yet. (Find out what Michael Fassbender has to say about "Prometheus" here.)

It stands to reason that Scott's remake of "Blade Runner" might eventually change up into something similar, especially given the advances in technology since 1982. The robot-human apocalypse is coming much sooner than anyone had anticipated!

"Blade Runner" is currently available in approximately 536 different editions (the director's cut, the theatrical cut, the two-disc final cut, the "We really mean it, this is the official cut," the Blu-ray, the one that comes with your very own replicant, etc.) so hopefully you can amuse yourself until whenever Scott gets to remaking/rebooting/remixing himself.