Kevin Smith Pulling a 'Potter' By Cutting His 'Hit Somebody' in Two

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"You're a wizard, Kevin Smith!"


Okay, not quite, but the (in)famous director has announced that he'll be doubling our cinematic pleasure when it comes to his allegedly last film, "Hit Somebody."

The Twitter-lovin' Jersey boy told a "Red State" audience in Montreal that the drama on ice will take place over two films.

In a follow up with Film School Rejects, he wrote, "Looking like part one ends at the close of Buddy's first pro game, 1972-ish. Flick starts in 1954. Part 2 ends in 1980… Everybody does trilogies. I'd rather end with a less predictable closer. Predictable would be 'Clerks III,' but a two-part hockey epic that’s largely about Canada, featuring an all-star cast? That'll have some scratching their heads and others saying 'It's kinda perfect.'"

"Hit Somebody" is the story of a dude named Buddy with big hockey dreams; he starts out as a farm boy out in the middle of Saskatchewan who, over the course of decades, makes it to the big leagues. Buddy will be played by Nicholas Braun from "Red State," and the role of his first coach was written for John Goodman, also a "Red State"-r. Other names that have been attached to the flick are Melissa Leo, Alan Rickman, Michael Angarano, and Colin Hanks.

It's worth noting that some of these names are attached to the project because Smith has written the script with them in mind, such as this scene with Alan Rickman. Whether or not they all end up in the movie has yet to be finalized, especially since the project doesn't have financing yet.

Smith has said that "Red State" is already in the black, so it will be interesting to see who ponies up the cash for his latest, and last, project.