Blake Shelton Leads 'Footloose' Soundtrack's Kickline of Stars

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The Sunday shoes of "Footloose" are pretty tough to fill.

Everyone remembers Kevin Bacon's quick and sexy moves, undoubtedly thanks to their being choreographed to Kenny Loggins. And that Loggins theme song? It's a mind worm! Everyone knows it and everyone can hum it.

What's a "Footloose" remake to do? Abandon the original theme for something new? Or just be gutsy, run with it, and have a big country star make it his own? Thankfully, director Craig Brewer went with option number two, and put Blake Shelton in the studio to cut loose... footloose.

Shelton isn't the only big star on the new "Footloose" soundtrack. Entertainment Weekly revealed the entire track list, and it features a dozen of music's (and television's) hottest stars putting their stamp on the original "Footloose" songs. While this has caused some small controversy (is not even "Holdin' Out For a Hero" sacred?), the idea of Cee-Lo Green and Kenny Wayne Shepard doing a duet on "Walkin' Blues" has us pretty excited, as does Jana Kramer's "Let's Hear it For the Boy."

Look, we know how exhausting the remake trend is, and we know how beloved the original "Footloose" is to fans. But even detractors of Brewer's redo have to admit that the movie's soundtrack was a darn good one in its day. Why not dust those songs off, and let some of today's voices have some fun with them? A good song can survive a new mix, and these look like some really promising ones that skews more towards the movie's country roots.

Here's the complete track listing. We're downright shocked by #10. Even if Shelton, Kramer and Cee Lo don't hook you, you have to admit this needed to be made just to see the Smashing Pumpkins collide with a town desperate to dance.

1. Footloose – Blake Shelton

2. Where The River Goes – Zac Brown

3. Little Lovin’ – Lissie

4. Holding Out For A Hero – Ella Mae Bowen

5. Let’s Hear It For The Boy – Jana Kramer

6. So Sorry Mama – Whitney Duncan

7. Fake I.D. – Big & Rich feat. Gretchen Wilson

8. Almost Paradise – Victoria Justice & Hunter Hayes

9. Walkin’ Blues – Cee Lo Green feat. Kenny Wayne Shepherd

10. Window Paine – The Smashing Pumpkins

11. Suicide Eyes – A Thousand Horses

12. Dance The Night Away – David Banner

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