Leonardo DiCaprio May Hit the Trail of 'The Creed of Violence'

[caption id="attachment_15358" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Leonardo DiCaprio[/caption]

Leonardo DiCaprio might be looking to ride into the sunset.

"The Creed of Violence," a 1910-set Western-flavored crime drama based on the novel by cult author Boston Teran, has apparently caught the eye of the "Shutter Island" star, according to 24 Frames.

"Creed" tells the story of a criminal named Rawbone who tries to transport a cache of weapons into Mexico as part of the country's revolution but is caught and then accompanied by a government agent who shares a secret past with him.

DiCaprio has allegedly been offered one of the two lead roles. The film has been in development at Universal with Todd Field attached to direct.

"The Creed of Violence" would be Field's first film since "Little Children," the 2006 drama starring Kate Winslet (Leo's "Titanic" and "Revolutionary Road" co-star) and Jennifer Connelly (Leo's "Blood Diamond" co-star).

Leo is currently attached to another Western-flavored project: Quentin Tarantino's self-described "Southern," "Django Unchained," in which DiCaprio plays the villainous ranch owner, Calvin Candie.

Speaking of Westerns, you may remember that one of DiCaprio's earliest films was Sam Raimi's "The Quick and the Dead," in which he appeared with his future "Body of Lies" co-star, Russell Crowe.

Leonardo DiCaprio will next be seen in Clint Eastwood's "J. Edgar," opening Oct. 21. Baz Luhrmann's "The Great Gatsby" is scheduled for release in Nov. 2012 with "Django" opening close behind on Dec. 25.