5 Questions With 'Life in a Day' Director Kevin Macdonald

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Think an average day in your life is interesting enough for a movie? We don't know about you, but our average days certainly aren't.

However, director Kevin Macdonald would beg to differ. For his latest film, "Life in a Day," he challenged people from around the world to submit videos taken of them on July 24, 2010. That footage was then turned into a feature-length film.

Sound daunting? As the man behind such films as "The Last King of Scotland," "State of Play" and the documentary "Touching the Void" can attest, it was.

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"Life in a Day" premiered at the Sundance Film Festival – what was the public response like?

It was a great response. I was really thrilled the fact that we made what is kind of experimental movie that actually really works for the public. People really enjoyed it. It’s really moving. It’s really touching… It was kind of an amazing social experience. It was unlike anything else that’s ever happened before, so it was great to be a part of that.

Do you think that will become more and more a part of the modern moviegoing experience?

Exactly. The interesting thing to me is that somehow the future of movies will become a more social thing… I think that people will see them communally and will be talking about them as they’re watching them in a way and immediately after watching them and they’ll all become the conversation. I think that’s pretty interesting.

How many submissions did you wind up getting from just that 24-hour period?

81,000. And then we had 4,500 hours of stuff.

And how many of those hours were porn?

Disappointingly few! A lot of the stuff came through YouTube, and I know they have filters. I’ve been told they have filters. How they can recognize a hard-on electronically, I don't know, but I’m told that’s the case. So no, very little [porn], actually. Not even a lot of sex.

So what was the most unpleasant thing you had to watch?

We had someone taking a s**t in the camera lens. That was an unpleasant thing. We didn’t use that. People were pretty responsible, actually. I thought there would be a lot of masturbation. But no, thank God.

"Life in a Day" is currently showing in theaters. Macdonald's next project, a Bob Marley documentary entitled "Marley," is slated to debut at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.