Don't Beware the New 'Ides of March' Trailer

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First a history lesson and then we promise we'll get to the part where George Clooney and Ryan Gosling are totally awesome.

The term "The Ides of March" refers to March 15. It was on that date in the year 44 B.C. that Roman emperor Julius Caesar was assassinated on the floor of Senate by a gaggle of fellow politicians, including some of his most trusted friends and allies.

In William Shakespeare's dramatization of these events, Caesar is warned beforehand by a wizard to "beware the Ides of March," which nowadays is a way of telling people to watch their backs and beware of false friends.

Got that? Good, because the new trailer for Clooney's upcoming political drama "The Ides of March" is here -- and it couldn't possibly look any cooler.

Here's the scoop on "The Ides of March:" Clooney, who also directed the film, stars as a politician running for President. His trusted top aide is one Ryan Gosling, an idealistic rising star on the political scene. When a rival campaign leader -- Oscar nominee Paul Giamatti -- tries to get Gosling to switch sides, loyalties are tested and, well, now that you know what the title means you can assume some backstabbing may or may not take place.

Add in performances from Oscar winners Philip Seymour Hoffman and Marisa Tomei and you have what looks to be one of the must see dramas of the year. "The Ides of March" is scheduled to premiere at this year's Venice International Film Festival, with a domestic release on October 14, but you don't have to wait to whet your appetite and sharpen your knives; here's the terrific trailer, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies: