Cool Clicks: It's Genre vs. Genre in This Tournament

We scour the interwebs for the coolest movie news and more so you don't have to...

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"Cowboys & Aliens" combines two great genres into one movie, but do all great tastes taste great together? To celebrate the flick's release on Friday, Moviefone has started a tournament to see which genre would win in all-out battle.

"Twilight" star Kellan Lutz stars in Abbot + Main's racy new ad campaign for a line he co-designed. Fashion Etc. has the mostly shirtless photos. And we know how you like those...

All the Muppets we know and love -- as well as some new faces -- make it onto official "Muppets" poster, which debuted on Fandango.

Deadline has the scoop on "The Lost Symbol" -- the third book of the Robert Langdon trilogy by Dan Brown -- and its search for a new director after Ron Howard, director of the previous two films, opted out.

Curious what Emma Stone tastes like? We were too. (What? That's not weird at all!) Thanks to Josh Groban gabbing to People, we now know she star tastes cherries. Exactly like we thought.

"Crazy, Stupid, Love.," which comes out this Friday, makes references to "Dirty Dancing," but it's not the first time the cult classic has made an appearance in pop culture. Vulture compiled a thorough timeline to trace 25 years of "Dirty Dancing" references.

Bill Condon revealed at Comic-Con that one of the stars from "Twilight" will grace the soundtrack and film. He didn't say who, but Hollywood Crush has their guesses, and they're asking you to make yours too in their poll.

Tyler Shields has released another round of amazing "Collisions" images and they're not to be missed. Shiloh Fernandez, Dianna Agron, Emma Roberts, Juno Temple and more get mashed up with other moving images. Head on over to the photographer's website to see his stunning work.