Danny Boyle Has Rosario Dawson in a 'Trance'

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These days, Danny Boyle can pretty much do whatever he wants.

After all, his last two films -- "127 Hours" and "Slumdog Millionaire" -- were both internationally acclaimed and held major box office clout. You can bet that if he tells his assistant to get him a miniature giraffe, there's one on his couch by five o'clock.

So it's no surprise that Deadline is reporting he has landed the stars he wanted for his next film, "Trance." The only question was who exactly he wanted to grab -- and the answer is Rosario Dawson and Vincent Cassel.

Dawson, of course, is currently co-starring opposite Kevin James in "Zookeeper," while Cassel is working on a new movie with David Cronenberg after recently grabbing attention for his role in "Black Swan." So the two aren't exactly in the same Hollywood circles.

But what Boyle wants, Boyle gets, which means that both of them will be appearing opposite James McAvoy (who technically hasn't yet signed -- but, again, this is Danny Boyle we're talking about) in what Deadline is describing as a thriller about "an art heist gone wrong." Cassel will play McAvoy's accomplice, while Dawson will be the mystery woman who gets involved with both of them, as mystery women so often do.

Opulence: Danny Boyle has it. And now he has the stars he wanted as well. Some days, it's good to be the king.