It's A Hit! 'Battleship' Trailer Sails Online

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"B-4… Hit, J-1… Ha! Missed, J-10… Aww, you sunk my battleship!"

The big screen adaptation of Milton Bradley/Hasbro's game of strategy and putting pegs into tiny plastic ships has managed some rough waters, and studio Universal even contemplated pulling the plug at one point due to it's lack of stars and the inevitable troubles that come from shooting on the ocean.

But it persevered, and now with a new trailer debut via Yahoo! Movies you can see the game come to life as people all across the globe shout, "YOU SUNK MY… alien spaceship?"

Okay, so maybe we don't quite remember that part from our childhood. The original game involved two armadas of ships fighting against each other, whereas in the big budget movie they've dodged around creating an international incident by making the enemy extraterrestrial. All we need is Daniel Craig and we can give it the provocative title "Sailors & Aliens."

All kidding aside, the action looks cool and Michael Bay-esque, with "John Carter" star Taylor Kitsch and Admiral Liam Neeson at odds not only with alien ships but each other over the latter's super hot daughter, played by Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue covergirl Brooklyn Decker ("Permission to board, sir"). Singer Rihanna and Alexander Skarsgard fit in there somewhere as well.

At the helm of this $200-million-dollar "Battleship" is "Hancock" director Peter Berg, whose father was a naval historian and undoubtedly instilled in his son the proper method of engaging an advanced spaceship inside a dome forcefield.