Jason Bateman Gets High with the 'Millers'

[caption id="attachment_58442" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Getty Images"]Jason Bateman[/caption]

"Horrible Bosses" star Jason Bateman is higher more popular than ever. Word around town is that the funny man du jour is in negotiations to star in the stoner comedy "We're the Millers."

The story follows a professional drug dealer who's dangerously close to hitting the big 30, and decides to perform one last (awesome) job before quitting the business.

Somehow, this scheme requires him to recruit a fake family to help him move 1,400 pounds of pot across the Mexican-American border. The family in question is, presumably, the Millers.

No official word yet on who Bateman will be playing, but our bets are on the lead man with the plan.

Rawson Marshall Thurber, of "Dodgeball" fame, is attached to direct from a script penned by Steve Farber and Bob Fisher, Variety reports. While many details remain, er, hazy, one thing is crystal clear: Bateman + 1,400 pounds of weed = pretty freakin' funny.

Just make sure to bring plenty of snacks.