Steve Carrell Gets the Biggest Head

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The art of making a movie poster is a delicate thing - you have to sell your flick's theme and stars in one, cohesive image. Not everyone's as good at it as the folks at Mondo, but then again, those artsy motherscratchers don't have to jump through the same hoops as the a star who demands his head be 20% larger than anything else on any poster.

That star? Steve Carrell.

OK, so this video, posted at Funny or Die, isn't what you'd call "real." Still, we like the idea that poster dominance is such an issue for the "Office" star that he'll activate big head mode rather than take a backseat, especially in a world in which this and this exist. That's one way to get aHEAD in life. Har!

Steve Carell's Movie Poster Contract from Steve Carell