'Margin Call' Trailer Is In The Black

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Hollywood always loves a good murder mystery, so it's no wonder that they've put together a new film about one of the most grisly murders of all: How Wall Street killed the world economy.

And now you can check out the results thanks to the new "Margin Call" trailer, which features an all-star cast and which dramatizes the decisions that led to the current worldwide recession. Here's hoping the cineplex concession stand takes food stamps.

Set on one fateful day in October, 2008, "Margin Call" features Stanley Tucci as an analyst who is abruptly fired while working on a secret project that could topple his company. Before he goes, though, he clues in Zachary Quinto ("Star Trek"). And then he calls his friends (Kevin Spacey) and he calls his friends (Simon Baker and Demi Moore) and they call their friends (Paul Bettany and Jeremy Irons) and pretty soon (SPOILERS!) your bank account just got flushed into the ocean.

Here's the trailer, courtesy of Empire. And be careful with your money. Because entertainment like this may be the only safe investment we have left.