'Captain America' Meets Judd Apatow in Honest Movie Poster

[caption id="attachment_66579" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Paramount"]Captain America[/caption]

Steve Carell ain't got nothin' on Steve Rogers.

That's the takeaway from the latest effort by an astute user at BuzzFeed, who has whipped up a brand new edition of Honest Movie Posters to celebrate this week's number one box office smash, "Captain America." But for an action movie, well, it seems that Cap doesn't seem to get nearly enough action for our tastes.

"Captain America," of course, tells the story of how skinny Steve Rogers became the All-American superhero Captain America just in time to help drive back Axis forces from their attempt to conquer the world. But as you might imagine, being the living embodiment of freedom, single-handedly turning the tide of war and socking Adolf Hitler in the jaw take up a lot of Cap's free time and leave him very little time for, you know... you know.

If you ever wondered why they call it the greatest generation, take a look at this poster to get a real understanding of just what heroes like Cap gave up to serve their country.