Saddle Up with Four 'Cowboys & Aliens' Clips

[caption id="attachment_68019" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Universal"]Cowboys and Aliens[/caption]

Director Jon Favreau wants to do for cowboys what he did for elves and superheroes -- take it to the next level. How does one spice up a dusty genre like the Western? Shove some aliens up the movie's tailpipe and listen to that kitty purr!

"Cowboys & Aliens" provides the perfect backdrop for fantasy, adventure and (most importantly) spittoons. It tells the tale of Jake Lonergan (Daniel Craig), a man without a past whose mysterious bracelet can take down alien spaceships. Forced to join forces with Colonel Dolarhyde (Harrison Ford) and other nasty characters to take on the extraterrestrial menace, Jake is in for quite a wild ride.

Catch the "Cowboys & Aliens" fever with these four clips before the film opens its saloon doors on July 29.

1. Jake defends himself against Sheriff Taggard's men. Keith Carradine (as the sheriff) won an Oscar in 1976 for the "Nashville" song "I'm Easy," and if this clip is any indication, he really meant "easy to beat up."

2. Aliens attack Dolarhyde and the townspeople. Dolarhyde (Harrison Ford) has a "Showdown at the E.T. Corral."

3. A wounded alien escapes from the town after the raid. James Bond and Indiana Jones have a stare-off to end all stare-offs before they go chasin' after alien varmint.

4. Ella is abducted by a speeder. You might think Jake is going after Ella (Olivia Wilde) 'cause he loves her or he's generally heroic, but it's actually 'cause she still has his pen.