Robert Rodriguez Will Rock Out With 'Heavy Metal,' More 'Machete'

[caption id="attachment_67199" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Getty Images"]Robert Rodriguez[/caption]

If there's anyone who can probably get a new "Heavy Metal" movie made, it's Robert Rodriguez.

The "Spy Kids" director surprised everyone at the San Diego Comic-Con with news that his new media company, Quick Draw Productions, would set sail with a new animated anthology of leering adolescent fantasies.

Wait, wasn't David Fincher supposed to do "Heavy Metal?" And with a bunch of A-list directors like James Cameron lined up to direct segments featuring buxom babes with spears and spaceships and all that?

That's apparently dead, as the rights have now gone from Paramount to Rodriguez. Robert's already met with the magazine's owner, Kevin Eastman, and it's full steam ahead -- get ready to take another ride, ride, ride, ride... on "Heavy Metal!"

Okay, this is exciting and all, but Rodriguez is kind of like his buddy Quentin Tarantino in that he likes to "announce" things, things that more often than not don't end up happening. Remember "Barbarella" and "Red Sonja?" So proceed with caution, "Metal"-heads.

But that's not all! Rodriguez also said that "Sin City 2" should be happening sooner rather than later, maybe even before the year's over. The long-awaited sequel is said to incorporate elements of Frank Miller's "A Dame to Kill For" story arc as well as a brand-new yarn, "The Long, Bad Night."

Oh! There's more! Apparently both "Machete Kills" and "Machete Kills Again" weren't just closing-credits gags, as the continuing adventures of Mexico's toughest vigilante have been greenlit. Rodriguez describes "Kills Again" as a "space opera, a machete-shaped lightsaber. Machete kills in space."

Again, tread with extreme caution. But it would be quite awesome if even one of these projects came to pass. We shall see!

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