Yo Vince! An 'Entourage' Movie Is Coming

[caption id="attachment_66820" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="HBO"]Entourage[/caption]

Fans of "Entourage," HBO's long-running treatise on the dangers of fame, can rest easy today, because although the series is getting ready to enter its eighth and final season, the whole gang will son be heading to their inevitable destination: the big screen.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, show creator Doug Ellin is moving full speed ahead on plans to turn "Entourage" into a movie in what is no doubt one of the most convoluted examples of life imitating art imitating... art?

That's because "Entourage," beyond being the personal dramedy about an average group of friends who suddenly get thrust into Hollywood's meat grinder when one of them becomes a movie star, is also known for the fictional films-within-a-TV-show that Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) stars in. Indeed, among fans, the fake films "Medellin" and "Aquaman" are better known and better loved than most actual Hollywood movies over the past few years.

So it's only fitting that "Entourage" itself is being made into a film, though exactly when you can expect to see Vincent, Johnny Drama, Turtle and the gang on the big screen is still a bit up in the air; with the eighth season still being prepared for public consumption, Ellin will only commit to "start writing it in the next six months."

TV stars playing movie stars playing movie stars in a movie about movie stars playing in fake movies? We're looking forward to trying to watch this one.