Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Big Screen? The Future of 'Friday Night Lights'

[caption id="attachment_66041" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="NBC"]Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler in "Friday Night Lights"[/caption]

Don't hit the showers yet, football fans. Just because "Friday Night Lights" was a movie before it was a TV show (and a book before that!) doesn't mean it won't be headed back to the big screen.

Once again, a little birdie named Twitter is the source for our excitement. According to a Tweet from Grantland's EiC Bill Simmons, writer/director Peter Berg already has plans for a movie. TV Line's Michael Ausiello checked out the story and says it holds water.

As Ausiello points out, there's a host of hoops to jump through to get the rights of a book and a TV show and a movie in order. Although Universal is denying there's "currently" an "FNL" flick in the works, that's not to say we can't keep our hearts full o' hope that we'll see our fave characters again soon.

The beloved and once beleaguered show used the 2004 "FNL" film as a jumping off point. Berg, who also directed and co-wrote the screenplay for the "FNL" movie  tweaked the true story, based on the book by Buzz Bissinger, into a fictionalized town focusing on slightly different characters. For instance, Billy Bob Thornton played Coach Gary Gaines with Connie Britton as his wife in the flick, whereas the lead in the show is the wonderful Coach Taylor, played by Kyle Chandler. Britton reprised her role, sort of, by taking on the role of Taylor's wife Tami.

The show has created a whole host of hot young stars that may or may not end up as crossover phenoms, such as Taylor Kitsch. The bad boy beefcake has appeared in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" and "The Bang Bang Club" while doing double duty as Tim Riggins on "FNL."  Whether or not they'll end up in this movie is up in the air.

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