Are 'Rock of Ages' Fans Ready for 'MacGruber: The Musical?'

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Ever since the big budget movie adaptation was announced, fans of the hit Broadway rock musical "Rock of Ages" have been arguing and debating over who should play key roles such as aging star Stacee Jaxx, up and comer Drew Boley and waitress-turned-reluctant-stripper Sherrie Christian.

Turns out they should have been wondering what non-existent role Will Forte would be playing.

True story: according to The Hollywood Reporter, "Saturday Night Live" favorite Forte has been added to the cast of "Rock of Ages" where he will play a brand new character not in the stage version. But are fans ready for "MacGruber: The Musical?"

Okay, no need to heave a heart attack, we're just joking about the "MacGruber" thing. Actually, while few details of the role have been released, The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Forte will be playing "Mitch Miley, the head anchor of a network news show."

Just where Miley fits into things is a bit unclear. After all, the storyline -- about two star-crossed lovers trying to make it big in the 80's L.A. rock scene -- is pretty well already full up with characters, especially since the likes of Catherine Zeta-Jones, Tom Cruise, Paul Giamatti, Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin have already signed on to play key parts.

One way or another, though, we'll find out soon enough just what Forte is doing on "Rock of Ages;" the film, which is being adapted by "Hairspray's" Adam Shankman, is due to begin filming soon for a June 1, 2012 release.