Suck It, Michael Bay - These Are REAL Special Effects

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In a matter of days, "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" will offer us a photorealistic depiction of giant, shape-shifting robots battling it out on Earth and in space. And sure, you could shell out $16 to see the most cutting-edge CGI ever created in retina-raping 3-D...or, you could watch this amateur effects reel FOR FREE. OK, there's no Optimus Prime, but there are strangely immobile robots, buildings being chopped in half by meteors, and dinosaurs, dinosaurs, dinosaurs!

The work of one Martin Gamal, the reel (via BuzzFeed) makes Syfy Saturday night monster movies look like ILM's greatest work, but with its pulse-pounding soundtrack and rapid-fire parade of destructive images (and GODZILLA), it's nearly twelve minutes of mind-melting And you don't even have to wear silly glasses.

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