Trailer for '11-11-11' Will Increase Your Fear of Palindromes

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Darren Lynn Bousman has the power to make anything creepy. "Repo! The Genetic Opera" made musicals creepy. His upcoming "Mother's Day" made a touching holiday creepy. And now, with "11-11-11," he appears to have made a single number creepy. Counting just became 11 times more difficult.

The first full trailer for the movie has popped up online (via Ropes of Silicon) and takes a wild departure from Bousman's previous, murderous efforts. Gone are the elaborate "Saw" traps and slasher knives -- "11-11-11" is dripping in supernatural symbology and devilish evil.

The movie follows an American author, suffering from the deaths of his wife and child, who travels to Spain to see off his dying father. Along the way, he reconnects with his estranged, priest brother who helps him uncover a horrific, otherworldly connection to the number 11.

The Count never mentioned any of this on Sesame Street.

"11-11-11" looks chock full of haunting imagery (fire! gargoyles! old people!) and thanks to Bousman making it outside of the studio system, shouldn't have a problem being as twisted and jaw-dropping as it promises.

The movie has yet to find an American distributor, but apparently is still aiming for its intended (and logical) release date: November 11, 2011.