7 Famous Movie Cars Redone As Pixar Characters

[caption id="attachment_60740" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Disney"]Cars 2[/caption]

As everyone knows, those geniuses at Pixar can take any object -- a bug, a fish, a mouse -- and animate it to make it look human, with a voice and a personality to match.

And of course, don't forget cars. Pixar's 2006 "Cars" was the studio's first movie to star entirely inanimate objects, and the gamble paid off with a booming box office, Lightning McQueen lunchboxes and pup tents, and kids clamoring to see the movie fix, six, twenty times.

"Cars 2" is about to hit theaters, but we're hungry for even more anthropomorphic vehicles -- and so we started wondering what other cars Pixar could animate (maybe for the next sequel?). What would the Landspeeder from "Star Wars" look like in a Pixar movie? Or "Transformers" scallywag Bumblebee?

Our friend Old Red Jalopy heard our plaintive cry, and supplied us with seven famous movie cars reimagined as Pixar characters.

The Batmobile

The DeLorean

The General Lee