Jean-Claude Van Damme Returns with Karate Chop Action in 'Six Bullets'

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Hand to the action stars of the '80s: they certainly haven't let age get them down. Bruce Willis is still churning out explosive blockbusters, Stallone has his "Expendables," Robert Rodriguez finds ways to sustain Steven Segal's career and Arnold Schwarzenegger...well, he was inches away from a comeback.

Audiences can't get enough of their old school heroes.

So it's with open arms that we herald the return of Jean-Claude Van Damme, who returns to the world of contrived-plotlines-in-the-name-of-butt-kicking for the new movie "Six Bullets." The $10 million movie will be directed by direct-to-DVD maven Ernie Barbarash, reports Variety, and will star Van Damme as "an ex-mercenary kidnapping expert hired by a martial arts fighter whose daughter has gone missing."

Sure, that sounds fine. The article fails to mention if Van Damme will be dropping into a split in order to punch a bad guy in the balls, but for now, it's safe to assume that anything is possible.

The martial art movie star recently spoofed his own life for the meta action movie "JCVD," a film closer in nature to Fellini's "8 1/2" than Newt Arnold's "Bloodsport." Easily the best film Van Damme's ever made, "JCVD" saw the actor pouring emotion and pleaing with the powers that be to let him escape his action star past. Seemingly authentic, the role doesn't seem to have affected his willingness to jump back into the ring for another round of low-budget, karate mayhem. Oh well.

"Six Bullets" starts shooting in Europe and North America this August, so keep an eye out for JCVD's return sometime in 2012.

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