Larry the Cable Guy's 5 Favorite Films of All Time -- Starring Larry the Cable Guy

[caption id="attachment_60293" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Larry the Cable Guy[/caption]

Taking a cue from our friends at Rotten Tomatoes, who curate the fine "Five Favorite Films" series, we at NextMovie thought it'd be fun to take our own survey of a celebrity's all-time top 5 movies.

And who better to ask than noted cineaste Larry the Cable Guy?

America's foremost comedian-actor-cable guy made his first film only eight years ago, but he's since amassed a filmography (and bank account) many an actor would envy. He also boasts a taste in movies that is quite, how shall we say, sophisticated.

He's currently starring as the voice of beloved tow truck Mater in "Cars 2," but that doesn't have anything whatsoever to do with his top 5 movie picks. After all, the fact that he himself stars in some -- or maybe all -- of them shouldn't mar the integrity of his list, right?

As he himself notes, "The 'Godfather's are pretty good, but they wasn't no 'Witless Protection.'"