'The Dark Knight Rises' Trailer Is Here! Or Is It?

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There are a lot of awesome movies coming out next summer ("Star Trek 2," "The Avengers," "The Amazing Spider-Man") but there's no doubt what the most anticipated film of 2012 is: "The Dark Knight Rises." So when word came out over the weekend that the first trailer of the film had been leaked online, the entire internet went, well, completely batsh*t.

But is the trailer a fake?

As noted by The Hollywood Reporter, the teaser trailer -- which features the words "The storm is coming to Gotham" over an image of a flock of bats careening through a thunderstorm -- gained some credence thanks to rumors that the "Dark Knight Rises" trailer would be debuting this weekend before overseas showings of "Green Lantern." And the clip's handheld shakiness, combined with some crowd cheering, seems to suggest the bootleg video was taken live at a movie theater somewhere.

However, in a bit of sleuthing that would impress even the world's greatest detective, some enterprising internet gumshoes have determined that the footage of the bat swarm featured in the trailer is apparently from a BBC special on fruit bats (compare here and skip to the :57 mark for a good look), suggesting this is, in fact, a bit fat phony.

Disappointing? Sure. But the trailer is still more than worth your three quarters of a minute. After all, we're all stoked for "The Dark Knight Rises," so real or fake, we're happy to get any trailer at all for it.

Check it out: