First Photos Leaked From 'The Hunger Games' Set

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Can you imagine how frustrating it must be for movie producers to spend months and years of their lives working on something, not to mention spend untold tens of millions of dollars, only to have someone spoil it by sneaking a camera onto the set and leaking the photos on the internet? It's certainly something we would never promote or condone.

But, you know, since someone did just happen to leak a bunch of photos from the set of "The Hunger Games," we thought it our civic duty to tell you just how totally awesome they are. Even though, again, they really shouldn't exist. It's wrong.

Especially the unauthorized photos of Josh Hutcherson on set.

Not that the pictures revealed by FanGirlTastic really show all that much; the picture of Hutcherson, for instance, is just the hunky star stepping out of his trailer, no doubt on his way down to Mickey D's or something.

But they are still pretty cool, as we not only get our first looks at both Primrose Everdeen (played by Willow Shields) and Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks) in costume, but also some of the set design, including what appears to be a much grimmer version of the Hall of Justice from "Superfriends."

Take a look, but remember: internet leaks are probably why they started the games in the first place.