Fans YouTube Reactions to 'Breaking Dawn' Trailer... and Wow

[caption id="attachment_27471" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Summit"]Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn"[/caption]

ATTENTION: Those within proximity of "Twilight" fans within the last 12 hours have no need to be concerned, your friends or loved ones have not been kidnapped/raptured but merely spontaneously combusted after witnessing the new trailer for "Breaking Dawn."

The teaser debuted amidst the pomp and circumstance of the MTV Movie Awards, and fans have been overcome with anticipation, exhilaration, and several emotions the American Psychiatric Association has yet to classify. Well now we have a new disorder for the DSM which we're calling "Twiractionism," i.e. the need to videotape one's reaction to "Twilight" and post it to YouTube before all one's molecules explode.

Take, for example the following Twi-Hard aptly named "nuttymadam3575" who recorded herself watching the trailer for the first time, although from her squeals and crying you'd think she was watching terrorists blow up her local Kentucky Fried Chicken. (WARNING: There are F-bombs aplenty within. Seriously NSFW.)

"I'm sorry, I really wanted to be cheerful at this video, but it's all gonna end! … It's a really good trailer, and she really has got massive boobs!"

Those still under the impression that "Twilight" is a ladies-only club need to check out this dude, "dadsbestchild," who gets more than a little verklempt while watching, then when it's over goes into a jag of hand-waving "OMG" spasms.

Another big fan, "WattZeYmo," is particularly enamored with Robert Pattinson's new physique during his headboard-breaking boot-knocking with Bella. Clearly he puts the jam in her jelly roll.

"Did you see that? He was givin' it to her… Lord have mercy, this movie."

We haven't seen this many minds blown since David Cronenberg's "Scanners," and we encourage you to check out more fan reaction videos HERE and HERE!