Mary J. Blige Croons Out An Anthem For 'The Help'

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More often than not, movies are made with one goal in mind:  box office return. A steady stream of sequels, prequels, reboots, redos, remakes and all other manner of "been there, done that" stories come out of Tinseltown to make that cash grab.

Today Mary J. Blige offers the “The Living Proof” that there's still heart in Hollywood.

When the singer-songwriter saw a screening of "The Help" starring Emma Stone (“Easy A”) and Viola Davis (“Doubt”) she couldn't help (sorry) but be inspired to lend her voice to the film. Based on the bestselling novel by the same name, "The Help" takes place in 1960s Mississippi, a time and place where African American maids were regularly trusted to raise the children in wealthy white families -- yet were denied use of something as basic and human as the bathroom.

Opening in theaters on August 12th, "The Help" follows three women, one white journalist (Stone) and two of the maids (Davis and the hilarious Octavia Spencer), who decide to tell the stories of the always essential, and often overlooked, "help." Blige was reminded of a favorite aunt when she saw the film and immediately sat down to write the song "The Living Proof" to give it an anthem that would bring it all together.

Check out the video below to hear from Blige herself and catch a glimpse of "The Living Proof." You can pick up the soundtrack at select Starbucks starting July 26.

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