Elle Fanning, Neve Campbell, Max Irons and Claire Foy to Make Beautiful Music with Vivaldi

[caption id="attachment_55252" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Elle Fanning[/caption]

Can a composer truly be declared immortal before a feature film about his life has graced the silver screen? Mozart got his movie years ago, as did Beethoven.

And now it's Vivaldi's turn.

Director Boris Damast (who doesn't have much to speak of under his list of credits beyond the widely panned "Pros & Cons" from over a decade ago) is helming an as-of-now untitled biopic about this famed composer, The Playlist reports.

Despite his lack of street cred, Damast has rallied a star-studded cast, which has Max Irons ("Red Riding Hood") and Claire Foy ("Season of the Witch") locked in, as well as Elle Fanning and Neve Campell in the final stages of talks to join.

The story will follow Vivaldi (who will likely be played by Irons) as he transforms a talented, but traumatized group of girls — the illegitimate daughters of courtesans — into a world-class orchestra that made the rounds at the great concert halls of Venice, and, ultimately, played for the Pope.

Sounds racy to us.

Production is slated for this fall in Venice, Bruges, Hungary and Germany, which means Irons, Foy, Fanning and Campbell better start packing, because if anyone can turn Vivaldi's life story into beautiful music, it's them.

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