Union, Malone, Gilford and Slattery Share the Same 'Family Tree'

[caption id="attachment_42367" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Gabrielle Union[/caption]

There's a bit of truth to the old saying that you pick your friends, but you don't pick your family — just ask the cast of "Family Tree," an upcoming flick that explores some of the more, er, complicated family dynamics that can pop up.

Starring Gabrielle Union ("FlashForward"), Jena Malone ("Sucker Punch"), Zach Gilford ("Friday Night Lights") and John Slattery ("Mad Men"), the indie dramedy boasts a storyline that makes even the most untraditional of us flinch.

Slattery and Gilford star as an estranged father and son who accidentally wind up in the same vacation home with their two girlfriends. Of course, Slattery's girlfriend (played by Union) is practically the same age his son—making for some awkward encounters to say the least. Malone steps in as Gilford's girlfriend, watching the situation unravel.  (That does not sound like a fun vacation to us.)

Brian Savelson is directing from his own screenplay, and production is slated to start this June in upstate New York, Variety reports.

Which means this family better start packing, because this is one summer vacation that we don't want to miss.

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