Martin Scorsese Will Do Terrible Things For 'Five Obstructions' Remake-Remake

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We always hurt the ones we love, but in the case of Danish maniac/director Lars von Trier ("Antichrist," "Breaking the Waves"), it's more like, "We always torture the directors we love." Thus was the case for his 2003 project "The Five Obstructions," wherein he forced fellow Dane Jørgen Leth to remake his 1967 short "The Perfect Human" (von Trier's favorite film) five times, each with strict rules he had to follow to a T.

Now, according to THR, von Trier wants to give another famous filmmaker the business… Martin Scorsese! Yep, it looks like the great Scor-sez is up for a "Five Obstructions" challenge, and what better way than by jumping through hoops in what is, essentially, a f**ked up indie film version of Nickelodeon's "Double Dare?"

While Scorsese may not have to wade through a ballpit or get slimed, von Trier is most definitely a sadomasochist of the highest order. He made Leth remake his film in Cuba, the red-light district of Bombay, as a cartoon, in split-screen, and to put his name on a version Von Trier made himself, which Leth had to read a pre-written voice-over for like a kidnap victim.

What crazy shenanigans does he have in store for Marty? While America's greatest living director may have a vast library of both short and feature length films to remake, the sick, twisted Dane reportedly has his eye on "Taxi Driver." Whaaaaa? That could be nuts.

Imagine, if you will, that classic 1976 film remade entirely with elderly people, or in a circus, or in the back of a moving pick-up truck, or on a mountain in Mongolia, or starring a half-empty bottle of Pakistani soda Pakola. The possibilities are endless!

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