Jack Black Back From The Brink In 'Bailout'

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Straight out of Cannes: Jack Black will make the recession fun again with "Bailout."

How many times have we heard the term, "in this economy" over the past three years? Ever willing to reflect our common woes, Hollywood has unleashed several attempts to explore the conditions, and causes for, "our current economic crisis."

The films that specifically sought to address the recession and its resulting effects have met with mixed critical and box-office results. It was announced today at Cannes that Michael Winterbottom will helm the film that has the magic ingredient  missing from the last several "the economy is a bummer" endeavors – Jack Black.

The Hollywood Reporter brings us the news that Jack Black is set to star in "Bailout" based on the novel "The Financial Lives of The Poets" by Jess Walter, who personally penned the adaptation. The film follows a man (Black) "on the brink of financial ruin," who is inspired to turn it all around after an encounter with two down-on-their-luck "losers" in an all night Supermarket.

Interested yet?

Here is what it has going for it:

1) Source material that has been established as worthy.

2) The financiers of the Oscar winning film "The King's Speech," Ealing Metro International and Prescience, are behind this project, which is already "being touted to buyers at this year's 'Marche du Film.'"

3) Jack Black. He is a genuinely talented and funny man, though his choices have sometimes been suspect.

Here is the concern:

Black's last several live-action films have been less than extraordinary. Perhaps a turn in a more grounded film that Winterbottom describes as a, "rare feat of being funny and true at the same time," is just what the script doctor ordered to revive this truly gifted comedians career.

"Bailout" is set to begin production in August, 2011.