Colin Firth and Emily Blunt Take on New Roles (and Identities)

[caption id="attachment_51236" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Getty Images"]Emily Blunt and Colin Firth[/caption]

The Cannes Film Festival is currently the hottest spot for pimping in-development projects with intriguing premises to distributors, and the latest sale has us stuttering in excitement.

Coming off his Best Actor Academy Award win for "The King's Speech," Colin Firth will join Emily Blunt in a new dark comedy to be directed by first-timer Dante Ariola. The film was snatched up by Focus Features (the studio behind "The Kids Are All Right," "Hanna" and the upcoming Anne Hathaway/Jim Sturgess romantic drama "One Day"), which Variety reports will begin shooting this this fall with a script by Becky Johnston ("Seven Years in Tibet").

The currently-untitled dark comedy will see Firth playing an unhappy man who fakes his own death in order to restart his life with a new identity. Along the way, he crosses paths with Blunt, who just happens to be executing the same plan. The two hit it off and begin breaking into empty houses and impersonating the owners.

The film sounds a bit like FX's deceased con artist show "The Riches," albeit with a quirky, British flavor. The man at the head of the project, Ariola, is one of the leading commercial directors in the world, having dazzled with spots for Coke, Playstation 2 and Johnnie Walker -- making this small-scoped comedy an unlikely, but welcome, debut feature. Good to know not every director with a knack for visuals feels forced to make a spiffy action movie.

Firth and Blunt are two of the more charismatic actors with a genuine funny bone, meaning this film will likely charm the pants off us when it rolls around sometime in 2012.