The 15 Sexiest Men of Summer

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Every summer, moviegoers flock to theaters to fill up on concessions and witness explosive action sequences, envelope-pushing comedies, and plenty of sexy eye candy.

Whether you're into the perfectly sculpted, old-school handsome, broody young things, or smart-and-sexy types, chances are there's a gorgeous and talented man of summer for you. Meet the 15 sexiest men of summer movies.

Chris Hemsworth

Starring In: "Thor" (May 6)

Summer Heat: We proclaim Hemsworth the blond of summer.  His impressive golden mane tops an even more impressive body in the season's first big-budget adventure. The Aussie wonder (who gained 20 pounds to play the beefy titular Norse god) first wowed audiences as Captain James T. Kirk's courageous father in the opening sequence of "Star Trek." After a two-year wait, moviegoers can finally see Hemsworth headline a movie, and the wait'll be worth it.

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Jon Hamm

Starring In: "Bridesmaids" (May 13)

Summer Heat: Whether he's playing a dashing but troubled '60s ad exec on AMC's "Mad Men," a beautiful but clueless doctor on NBC's "30 Rock" or a sexy but unlikable egomaniac in Paul Feig's funny-ladies comedy "Bridesmaids," Hamm is always irresistible. We love his tall, dark, and handsome looks and his resemblance to Old Hollywood leading men such as Clark Gable and Cary Grant, but we adore his willingness to poke fun at himself in supporting comedic roles.

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Cam Gigandet

Starring In: "Priest" (May 13)

Summer Heat: In a supernatural thriller also starring Paul Bettany, Karl Urban and Stephen Moyer, it's hard to pick just one example of sexiness, but we have to go with Cam Gigandet, whose perpetually half-lidded gaze, exceptionally ripped body and cocksure posture make the model look like David Beckham's just-as-hot younger brother. Best known as James the Bella-hungry vampire in "Twilight," Gigandet is sure to make new fans as a vampire slayer trying to save his kidnapped girlfriend, Lily Collins. 

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Johnny Depp

Starring In: "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" (May 20)

Summer Heat: At 47, he’s the oldest actor on our list, but with Depp, there's absolutely no expiration date to sex appeal. Boozy, womanizing, and sharp-tongued, Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow is everything we've come to love about Depp's compelling persona.  He's roguishly charming, fabulously dressed; if only his raised eyebrow were inviting you to be his private wench for the night. Combining humor with hotness, Depp’s the only reason we’re "Yo ho ho-ing" at Disney's high-seas franchise for a fourth time.

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Bradley Cooper

Starring In: "The Hangover Part II" (May 26)

Summer Heat: We first fell for the Coop in 2001 when he played Jennifer Garner's adorable best guy-pal Will Tippin on "Alias." Ten years later, he keeps getting better. From his Matthew McConaughey-rivaling chest and perfectly mussed hair to his constantly stubbly chin and breathtaking smile, there's a reason Cooper has risen to living sex-god status. In the raucous "Hangover" sequel, Cooper isn't likely to show off his romantic side, but he sure looks pretty shirtless and suntanned.

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Brad Pitt

Starring In: "The Tree of Life" (May 27)

Summer Heat: Terrence Malick's epic visual treatises on humanity aren't the kind of movies that provide the visual eye candy we'd love to see in a Pitt flick. But what else can we expect from an actor who has purposely tried to draw attention away from his beauty and to his art instead? It doesn't matter if we get swoony love scenes a la "Benjamin Button" or a disciplinarian '50s father in "Tree of Life" -- regardless of his roles, Pitt is always one of the sexiest men in Hollywood (possibly Earth).

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Michael Fassbender

Starring In: "X-Men: First Class" (June 3)

Summer Heat: He's half-Irish, half-German and all sexy. If he looks familiar, you probably saw him practice his German as the undercover British officer in Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds," recite Brontë as Mr. Rochester in "Jane Eyre," or throw a spear as Stelios, one of the six-pack-sporting Spartans in "300." But we think the versatile, bedroom-eyed actor will catapult to super-stardom when he debuts as the younger (and hunkier) mutant leader Magneto in the long-awaited "X-Men" prequel. Then no one will deny his magnetism.

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James McAvoy

Starring In: "X-Men: First Class" (June 3)

Summer Heat: With his crooked smile and piercing blue eyes, McAvoy joins Gerard Butler as the sexiest Scotsman in Hollywood since Sean Connery, and he's got an impressive number of on-screen pulls to prove it. He's taken Keira Knightley against a wall ("Atonement"); romanced Anne Hathaway ("Becoming Jane") and even scored with the holy grail of hotness herself, Angelina Jolie ("Wanted"). In "X-Men" he's the young Professor Xavier; if he could really read minds, he'd blush to discover what a smart-and-smoldering hottie we consider him.

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Ryan Reynolds

Starring In: "Green Lantern" (June 17), "The Changeup" (Aug. 5)

Summer Heat: Excuse us a moment while we daydream about Ryan Reynolds'… talent. OK, we’re back, and yes we think Reynolds has it going on: He's a really hot comedian (as opposed to hot-for-a-comedian) with the body of an action star and the range of a character actor. This summer we get back-to-back Reynolds: first "The Green Lantern" opposite Blake Lively and then the body-swapping comedy "The Change-Up" with fellow funnyman Jason Bateman. Both offer physical evidence of Reynolds' awesomeness.

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Justin Timberlake

Starring In: "Bad Teacher," "Friends With Benefits" (June 24)

Summer Heat: Was there every any doubt the man responsible for bringing sexy back would make the cut? One of Hollywood's best singers-turned-actors, JT is truly a Triple Threat.  After last year's scene-stealing turn in "The Social Network," we wouldn't be surprised if he winds up on the EGOT list one day. In the meantime, we can all delight in JT's upcoming comedic roles -- as cougar-prey to (his real-life ex) Cameron Diaz in "Bad Teacher," and as Mila Kunis' no-strings-attached sex buddy in "Friends With Benefits."

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Tyrese Gibson

Starring In: "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" (July 1)

Summer Heat: Some models transition to acting looking dazed and confused (if pretty) on-screen. Not so with Tyrese, who has successfully managed to pop up in 15 films playing more than just a pretty face. He's bald; he's beautiful; and he's definitely badass in the third "Transformers." When he and Josh Duhamel are on the screen, it's easy to forget the movie's really about Shia LaBeouf and a bunch of aliens that turn into GM cars. 

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Josh Duhamel

Starring In: "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" (July 1)

Summer Heat: Most men would look ugly standing anywhere near co-star Tyrese, but Duhamel's Major William Lennox actually doubles the hotness factor (we do love men in uniform). Duhamel has been melting fans' hearts since his prime-time premiere on the casino drama "Las Vegas" in 2003, and it's no secret why -- the 6'3" North Dakotan is also a former model. Off-screen, he's married to leggy front-woman Fergie, but on-screen his devilish grin, broad shoulders and taut bod belong to us all.

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Chris Evans

Starring In: "Captain America" (July 22)

Summer Heat: A superhero alum, Evans played the fiery and overconfident Johnny Storm in two "Fantastic Four" movies. But after a decade of almost breaking into the industry’s A-list, the super-fine guy-next-door seems poised to finally make it with his high-profile role as the genetically enhanced Steve Rogers -- "Captain America." He certainly looks up to the task of depicting a patriotic avenger, and we can’t wait to see him start kicking Nazi butt in the WWII-set saga. 

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Ryan Gosling

Starring In: "Crazy, Stupid, Love." (July 29)

Summer Heat: The Oscar-nominated, chameleonic Gosling is always ready to morph into his characters, from lanky crack addicts ("Half Nelson") to pudgy introverts ("Lars and the Real Girl"). But there's no doubt that the default Gosling is quite the heartthrob. In the upcoming comedy "Crazy, Stupid, Love.," his physical gifts are on full display (watch the trailer -- we promise you'll hit replay), as he reintroduces a newly separated Steve Carell to the world of dating. Rule one: Looking like Gosling is always a plus.

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Jason Momoa

Starring In: "Conan the Barbarian" (Aug. 19)

Summer Heat: He's not a household name... yet, but like the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger circa 1982, we're certain this finely chiseled 6'4" warrior will turn heads with his towering strength, sword-wielding prowess and exotic good looks in director Marcus Nispel's reboot of the scantily clad comic-book hero's nomadic adventures. Some of us have already taken notice of the imposing Hawaiian model-turned-actor thanks to his powerful, physically enthralling performance as a horse (and princess) mounting warlord in HBO's new epic series "Game of Thrones."  


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