50 Cent, Bruce Willis to Fight 'Fire With Fire'

[caption id="attachment_49570" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Lionsgate"]Bruce Willis and 50 Cent in "Setup"[/caption]

Here's a new Hollywood game for you: take a bunch of actors, put all their names in a hat and randomly draw three of them to decide on the cast of your next movie. Sure, it might sound crazy, but just think of the awesome combinations you could end up with that no actual casting director would probably ever think of.

Like, for instance, Bruce Willis and 50 Cent.

Well, pass the hat, because that dream team has just become reality, as Variety is reporting that Willis and 50 Cent will be appearing alongside Josh Duhamel in the upcoming action flick "Fire With Fire." Pretty awesome.

As offbeat as the pairing of Willis and 50 Cent (aka Curtis Jackson) seems, "Fire With Fire" is actually the second movie the duo will appear in together, as they've already finished principal photography on the upcoming thriller "Setup." Still, "Fire With Fire" stands to be a big step up the career ladder for 50 Cent, who until now has been slowly working his way up the Hollywood food chain on indies and sub-indies like "Twelve" and "13" (sorry, no sign yet that there will be a "14").

So just what will the trio of Willis, Cent and Duhamel be doing? Well, according to Variety, "Fire With Fire" "centers on a fireman in the witness protection program. When he's threatened by the man he plans to testify against, he takes matters into his own hands to save the love of his life."

Who will be playing what role is still up in the air; personally, we hope that Duhamel is the villain, with 50 Cent as the fireman and Willis as the love of his life. It seems unlikely, but hey, who knows.

After all, when you fight "Fire With Fire," there's always a chance that "Some Like it Hot."