Why the Ladies Love Rachel McAdams

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OK, we'll admit it: Women can be catty. And this can prove an obstacle for genetically blessed starlets trying to garner a loyal female following — unless you're Rachel McAdams, that is.

In this murky era of botched Botox and Twitter wars, McAdams -- now starring in Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris" -- is one of Hollywood's few leading ladies whose appeal remains crystal clear. Men want to date her. Ladies want to be her. And everyone wants to know her.

So what makes this 31-year-old star shine so brightly? Our top nine reasons the ladies love Rachel McAdams:

1. She's Classy

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A little class goes a long way baby, and we're hard-pressed to think of any young actress who can hold a candle to McAdams in this regard. Think about it: Can you recall a single picture you've seen or interview you've read in which she looks or sounds anything less than completely poised? Neither can we. And neither can all the ladies out there who watch her every move, and love her for it.

2. She's Relatable

Lady Gaga, McAdams is not. She doesn't wear armadillo shoes or meat dresses. She prefers satin stilettos and silk pencil skirts for special occasions (and even then, we're pretty sure that the minute she gets home she rips them off and throws on a pair of beat-up blue jeans). Her warm smile and sparkling eyes make women feel like — if they could only meet her — they'd definitely be friends. Maybe even BFFs. After all, she seems just like us, only (a whole lot) prettier.

3. She's Reliable

Lindsay Lohan fans have had a rough go of it over the years, but McAdams fans can sit back, relax and bask in the reliable glow of their favorite starlet. They don't have to stay up nights to check TMZ for updates on Rachel's latest. It seems that we'll never hear a story about her doing drugs or snapping naked cell photos (sorry guys), and odds are good that she'll never pose with an alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet. Women like women they can rely on, like the steadily sober, consistently covered-up McAdams.

4. She's Stylish

From Gucci to Gap and Oscar gowns to workout gear, McAdams makes everything look both stylish and effortless — not an easy feat. With her penchant for feminine silhouettes and soft color palettes, she totally looks the part without taking over the carpet. The result is that she commands attention without demanding it, and has morphed into a modern style icon in a manner that was as natural as the style she conveys.

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5. She's Romantically Reasonable

Rachel is reasonable, and anyone can see that. Unlike so many other starlets, she dates guys who are seemingly well suited to her tastes and lifestyle. There are no bad boys (unless you count Ryan Gosling, which we highly doubt) or other odd men in her past. No sex tapes. No Twitter wars with exes. No public downward spirals following a break-up. Her romantic life seems as stable as her professional life, and for that, women not only love, but also admire her.

6. She's a Hard Worker

McAdams knows it takes years to be an overnight success. When she got her big break in "Mean Girls" playing high-school queen Regina George, McAdams was already 26. Prior to her breakout, McAdams had been putting in the time, with appearances in everything from Rob Schneider's "The Hot Chick" to a TV-movie entitled "Guilt by Association" (we haven't seen it, but we're sure she was fabulous). If that tale of hard work paying off doesn't inspire women everywhere, we don't know what would.

7. She Makes Good Movies

There are plenty of beautiful actresses out there, but far fewer who make excellent movies, and nearly none who consistently nail romantic leads. Leave it to Rachel to fill this void. Ever since 2004's sleeper hit "The Notebook," McAdams has choosen her roles equally as wisely, with killer turns in "Sherlock Holmes," "Wedding Crashers," "Red Eye" and more. Everyone is allowed the occasional misstep, but there's nothing outwardly embarrassing on her resume (though films like "The Family Stone" and "Time Traveler's Wife" have their detractors).

8. 'The Notebook’

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As far as the ladies are concerned, this one needs its own item. Based on the bestselling novel by Nicholas Sparks, "The Notebook" broke the barrier when it comes to romantic dramas. Despite its familiar storyline (poor boy falls for rich girl), McAdams and her co-star Ryan Gosling made pure magic on screen. For her role in this film, McAdams snapped up numerous awards, including utter dominance at the Teen Choice Awards, where she picked up Choice Movie Actress: Drama, Choice Movie Chemistry, Choice Movie Love Scene, and last but not least, Choice Movie Liplock.

9. She's the Nicest

Finally, there's the number one reason that ladies love Rachel McAdams. It's the most important, and also the simplest: Rachel is the nicest. From co-stars like Harrison Ford ("Morning Glory") to directors like Mark Waters ("Mean Girls"), everyone who works with the actress has only nice things to say. Frankly, it's rare in Hollywood to find someone so talented and beautiful who's actually genuinely nice to boot. But then again, she is Canadian. Maybe that explains it.

Originally published Nov. 11, 2010.