Harry Potter, (Comic) Stripped

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The last Harry Potter movie arrives in theaters on July 15, and you can bet Potterites are already champing at the bit to see whether Harry wins, if Ron and Hermione end up together forever and if Voldemort gets his nose back.

But what if you want to be a part of one of the summer's biggest movie events but don't want to invest approximately 20 hours of your time catching up? Comics artist Lucy Knisley has the answer.

Knisley, best known for her graphic travel journal "French Milk," has cast an Expositius Maximus spell and compressed the plots of the first five flicks into quirkily-drawn and hilarious comic strips detailing the story of Harry and his friends so far. Viewable on BuzzFeed, they're a treat for both the uninformed and the hardcore, alike.

Here's hoping she'll wrap things up with a few more crowded and colorful illustrations.