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When it comes to high school movies, there tends to be sizable amounts of awkward romantic drama, non-stop malicious he-said-she-said gossip and practical prankster hijinks that culminate in full fervor at the penultimate teenage event: the prom.

So it makes perfect sense why Disney would cut right to the heart of things and make a movie called, well, "Prom."

The new flick unfolds the saga of several teenagers as they deal with the pressures of the upcoming dance: whether it be overachiever Nova (Aimee Teegarden) trying to transform tough rebel Jesse (Thomas McDonell) into the perfect date, or others dealing with tight romantic entanglements and brooding bullies, everyone has their own Prom-iscous story to tell.

Before you set your "Prom" date, check out five clips from the movie.

1. Justin (Jared Kusnitz) spells out chapters of his relationship with Mei (Yin Chang) before asking her to prom. Clever concept dude, there was no way she'd say no!

2. Principal Dunnan (Jere Burns) scolds Jesse for his insensitivity towards Nova's hard work getting destroyed. Better wise up Jesse, the principal can do whatever he wants.

3. Simone (Danielle Campbell) tells Lucas (Nolan Sitillo) and Corey (Cameron Monaghan) that they look cute in their bulky lacrosse helmets.

 4. Lloyd (Nicholas Braun) unfurls his prom banner over the bridge only to have it torn away by a large semi. Tough luck dude, maybe just call and ask your date next time.

5. Tyler (De'Vaughn Nixon) shows up at Simone's door and tells her to bring her prom decision to school tomorrow. Sheesh, a rock that big can't be good for a girl's back.

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