Christoph Waltz: Judge, Jury and Executioner

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Christoph Waltz and Jimmy Kimmel wouldn't seem like a natural pair - one is an Academy Award-winning actor best known for playing a Nazi, the other, a rotund, and frequently unfunny late-night comedian. But in truth, the two go together like peanut butter and…something something.

The first time Waltz appeared on Kimmel's show, he spoofed the then-hot Internet meme "Trolololo" to great effect. This time around, Waltz is taking on "American Idol," and no lives are spared.

You have to give Waltz credit; the guy obviously does not take himself too seriously and is happy to play on his persona as a harsh man with little regard for human life. The clip in question seems him gunning down not only an "Idol" contestant, but also judge Steven Tyler, thus fulfilling every old-school Aerosmith fan's ultimate wish. And he does it all rocking pink capri pants. We see what you did, there, Christoph, and we like it.