Emile Hirsch Is a Total 'Savage'

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Emile Hirsch seems like a nice guy. After all, he's made a name for himself playing mostly gentle thinkers (like his breakout role in "Into Thin Air") and hip action heroes (the underappreciated "Speed Racer"). But while most people think of Hirsch as a pretty cool dude, there's one major exception: Oliver Stone.

Because Stone thinks Hirsch is a total savage.

Yes, get pumped, people, because being savage has never looked so good, as Variety is reporting that Hirsch has signed on to Stone's new film "Savages," joining Taylor Kitsch ("Friday Night Lights") and Aaron Johnson ("Kick-Ass") in what is quickly becoming one of the hottest projects in Hollywood.

Here's what we know: based on a novel from author Don Winslow, "Savages" tells the story of two pot dealers (that's Kitsch and Johnson; apparently James Franco was busy) whose mutual girlfriend (Blake Lively) gets girlnapped by evil Mexican drug overlords, spawning a desperate plan by the duo to rescue her and get rich in the process.

Now here's what we don't know: just what role Hirsch is going to be playing. He's not going to be playing the drug kingpin, because that part is already filled with the always awesome Selma Hayek. And he's not going to be her muscle, either, because Benicio Del Toro has already agreed to provide the pain.

Whatever the case, though, we're sure Stone will put Hirsch -- and rumored co-stars Uma Thurman and John Travolta -- to good use when "Savages" begins filming in July.

After all, it would be uncivilized not to.