'The Hunger Games' Producers Cry For Their Mommy

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Everyone and their mother loves "The Hunger Games," so it's only fitting that today's bit of casting news from the adaptation of the beloved Suzanne Collins series involves an on-screen mom.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, veteran TV and film actress Paula Malcomson has landed the role of Katniss Everdeen's mother, making her the latest star to join a production that has already announced the casting of key characters Prim, Rue, Thresh, Glimmer, Marvel and Effie Trinket earlier in the week.

While Paula Malcomson may not be a household name, fans of "The Hunger Games" have nothing to fear; though Malcolmson has been focusing on television work in recent years, with recurring roles on acclaimed shows like "Sons of Anarchy," "Deadwood" and "Caprica," she's also no stranger to films, having co-starred in "The Green Mile" and "Hamlet" among others.

And she'll need that experience to bring to life a character as complex as Katniss' mother. Despite not getting the benefit of a name, Momma Everdeen has plenty of nuance; though she is a professional healer, she spirals into despair over the death of her husband, leaving the resentful Katniss to care for their family.

It's kind of a thankless role -- or it would be, if not for the legion of "Hunger Games" fans thankful for any news about the upcoming movie.