Video: This Proposal's a Blockbuster

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In a world in which every personal event is a multimedia a time when nothing's worth doing if you can't put it on man will rise above all the odds and put your wedding proposal to shame.

That man is Todd Cavanaugh, and if you think the proposition of lifelong romantic commitment can't be enhanced with the addition of kung fu and explosions, then he has a trailer FOR YOUR FACE.

Hyperbole aside, crafting a proposal trailer for your lady and arranging to have it shown as a surprise at a movie theater is a pretty nifty idea, and as you'll see in the video posted by SlashFilm, the folks behind this little production might have a thing or two to teach the Michael Bays and Ridley Scotts of the world. The best part? You don't have to wait for the sequel to find out what the answer was.