Old Spice Guy Smells Like Luke Cage

[caption id="attachment_46994" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Isaiah Mustafa[/caption]

Isaiah Mustafa smells better than your man and can turn concert tickets into diamonds while riding a horse, but can he resist high caliber bullets and take down bad guys with mad martial arts skills?

That's the question Superhero Hype posed to the famously muscular Old Spice pitchman about his quest to become Marvel's Hero For Hire, and apparently the comic book fan has taken his case to the company brass.

"I've already had a meeting with Marvel," said Mustafa. "I talked to them and I told them that I was a gracious reader of their comics and that I wanted to be Luke Cage. So we'll see where they take it."

Mustafa's a passionate dude, so he's done more than take a few meetings and talk to the press. He's actually set up his own Facebook page specifically to brand him for the role, including photos of him in action as Cage!

"Boyz n the Hood" director John Singleton has been loosely attached to helm a Luke Cage pic for Marvel since 2004, and Columbia Pictures has courted such actors as Jamie Foxx and Tyrese Gibson to utter Cage's immortal catch phrase "Sweet Christmas!"

Currently appearing in "Tyler Perry's Madea's Big Happy Family," Mustafa is poised to become a screen star, but at the moment it seems like Marvel Studios is more focused on developing Black Panther as a movie character, as evidenced by the clues Jon Favreau dropped in "Iron Man 2." Is the world big enough for two African American super heroes from Marvel? Of course it is, but what makes Cage so special?

"He's got all these powers and abilities," continued Mustafa, "and he can use them to save whatever major city, but instead of doing that he uses them to help Harlem. He wants to fix his neighborhood, and that's what's so admirable to me. Instead of leaving and going someplace bigger, he stays right where he needs to be and tries to do the best that they can."