Jesse Eisenberg Delivers in the '30 Minutes or Less' Trailer

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An Oscar nomination at the age of 27 is an impressive feat, but following it up with something remotely close in quality is even more difficult. Jesse Eisenberg finds himself in that position after earning a Best Actor nom for "The Social Network" at last year's Academy Awards -- but any chance of a dip post-Academy Awards is quickly abolished after once look at his new film: "30 Minutes of Less."

A red band trailer for the movie has popped up on IGN and while it may not pack the sharp, snappy dialogue or slow burn drama of "Social Network," it certainly has its own fair share of wit, character dynamic and adrenaline. Only this time, it's coming from two guys trying not to get blown to smithereens by explosives.

Eisenberg, who reunited with his "Zombieland" director Ruben Fleischer for "30 Minutes," looks surprisingly energetic in the trailer, while delivering a spin on his usual neurotic presence. The young actor plays Nick, a pizza delivery guy who hands off a pie to two criminals who enlist the townie in their bank robbery scheme. Co-starring in the film are Danny McBride, Aziz Ansari and comedian Nick Swardson, and the movie's blend of fast talking comedy, car chases and sticky situations is eerily reminiscent to the Seth Rogen/James Franco comedy "Pineapple Express," but with a twinge of Midwestern feel.

"30 Minutes or Less" hits theaters on August 12, and if Eisenberg and the cast look as strong as they do in this quick two-minute NSFW trailer, it could be the breakout hit as summer comes to a close.

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