Zach Braff Sails With 'The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea'

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Zach Braff hasn't been in a lot of headlines lately. He could do no wrong after "Garden State," but he has struggled to make a successful and popular follow-up. But he appears to be coming back with a vengeance. He stars in the indie drama "The High Cost of Living," he has several directorial projects brewing, and a play set to have its debut at Second Stage.

But hey, he has a little time to spare, so he's joining "The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" alongside Chloe Moretz and Jessica Biel. Braff revealed his involvement to Movieline and was full of praise for its script.

Despite its ominous title and its cast of action heroines, "Deep Blue Sea" isn't a thriller. It's the story of Henry, a grieving widower (Braff) and architect who copes with the loss of his wife (Biel) by befriending Millie, a young homeless girl. (Moretz). Millie's dream is to sail around the world, and after Henry accidentally stomps on her plans, she enlists him to help her build a boat. Slowly, she -- and her globe-spanning plan -- give him something to keep going for.

Not only does "The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" boast a solid cast, but Justin Timberlake is on board as its music supervisor, so it's guaranteed a wonderful soundtrack. The film begins shooting this fall, and will undoubtedly make a dramatic and sad splash in 2012. And won't it be nice to see Zach Braff in something besides "Scrubs"

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