'Another Earth' Trailer Doesn't Skimp on the Sci-Fi or Emotion

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If you don't know Brit Marling's name, you're about to in a very, very big way.

The Sundance darling swept the wintery festival with a double dose of indie science fiction: the troubling relationship drama "Another Earth" and the cult time travel thriller "Sound of My Voice."

Two movies made on the cheap, both with Marling in the lead and both picked up by Fox Searchlight. The two films were bonafide hits with both critics and the masses, solidifying Marling as the festival's official "It Girl."

With both movies inching closer to theaters, Apple has debuted the trailer for "Another Earth," which won Marling (who also served as co-writer) and director Mike Cahill Sundance's prestigious Sloan award for science in film. But the movie isn't an hour and a half lesson in astronomy -- far from it. Cahill's film rides on Marling and "Lost" veteren William Mapother's heart-wrenching performances and the trailer only begins to tease what to expect.

The most obvious comparison to the film is Duncan Jones' "Moon." Like that story, "Another Earth" uses a sci-fi device (in this case, a second, duplicate Earth appearing out of nowhere in the sky) as a frame for the relationship between a widowed composer (Mapother) and the girl who killed his family in a car accident (Marling). As the second Earth spins closer to Earth One, their relationship starts to complicate and, as the trailer depicts, push the two to their emotional breaking point.

"Another Earth" and audience's first taste of Marling (but definitely not the last) reveals itself in theaters on July 20.