'The Change-Up' Trailer Delivers 'Freaky Friday' for Adults

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The body switch comedy: a time-honored genre all to itself, that movie stars young and old have tackled over the years, albeit with varying success.

Jodie Foster and Barbara Harris in "Freaky Friday," Kirk Cameron and Dudley Moore in "Like Father Like Son," Fred Savage and Judge Reinhold in "Vice Versa" -- they all helped solidify the the "role switcheroo," a gimmick with a heart, in film history.

Now, it's Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman's turn.

Moviefone has premiered the first poster and red band trailer for "The Change-Up," a movie from the writers of "The Hangover" that adapts the ol' "Freaky Friday" premise for the R-rated crowd. Directed by David Dobkin ("Wedding Crashers"), "Change-Up" finds best friends Mitch (Reynolds), a womanizing eternal bachlor and Dave (Bateman), a married man with two kids, mystically changing bodies after a night of heavy drinking and finding it difficult to adjust to the change.

The movie looks right up there with "Wedding Crashers," relying heavily on its two stars to bring the rapid banter, slapstick and dirty humor. Reynolds and Bateman are two actors with a type -- Reynolds always quick and cunning, Bateman, a self-depricating straight man -- but the real energy from the trailer comes when the two switch roles, seeing these two recognizable faces out of their element. That's why the body switch has always been enjoyable, even at in its substandard iterations (no offense, Judge Reinhold), we love watching people forced to play out of their comfort zone.

And it's definitely uncomfortable. Check out the N-very-SFW trailer below for a slew of sexual innuendos, poop jokes, and plenty of other gags that walk the blurry line between hilarious and offensive. "The Change-Up" hits theaters August 5.