Lindsay Lohan Pulled Back Into 'Gotti: Three Generations'

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UPDATE: Lindsay Lohan is joining the Gotti family after all.

However, instead of taking on the role of John Gotti's daughter, Victoria, Lohan will now be playing Kim Gotti, the wife of John Gotti, Jr., according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Negotiations for Lohan to play Victoria had indeed come to an unsuccessful end, though she apparently lobbied hard enough to still be part of the project in some capacity.

You're in, Lindsay. Now don't mess it up!

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It's official: Lindsay Lohan can't get a break in this town.

Only a week after a press conference announced Lindsay Lohan has a member of the cast, RadarOnline has received word straight from the filmmakers' mouths that LiLo was out for the upcoming biopic "Gotti: Three Generations." Marc Fiore, the executive producer on "Gotti" drove the point home: "“Lindsay is not going to be in the movie.  Her playing Victoria Gotti is off the table.  There is zero chance that Lindsay will be in the movie.”

Sounds official.

Unfortunately for Lohan, her part in the film would have been one of a two picture deal that was in the works with Fiore. X17 Online reveals the other film in the deal was "Mob Story," a "Wall Street" meets "Goodfellas"-type flick in which the actress would have co-starred alongside legendary actor Chazz Palminteri. Now, both movies are completely out of the Lohan business.

Between combating criminal charges and being hounded by the press, Lindsay Lohan has faced an uphill battle getting back into the acting scene, with most rumors (Lindsay Lohan in Superman?) losing steam with a few projects that, while interesting, might be too out there for mainstream audiences (Tyler Shields' upcoming Charles Manson movie). "Gotti" would have been a nice start to legitimacy for the actress, but misfortune once again intervened.

There is a silver lining, ish: Fiore claims “This is not about Lindsay. She has been nothing but gracious," and mentions that they couldn't strike a deal with her management team.

Oh well. Back to the drawing board, Lindsay!

(Originally published on Wednesday, April 20, 2011 at 3:38 p.m. ET)