Patti Smith Joins Jack Sparrow for Disney Dreams

[caption id="attachment_46383" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Disney Dreams"]Disney Dreams[/caption]

Captain Jack Sparrow has himself a new First Mate, and it's... punk icon Patti Smith?

Patti's about the last person we'd expect to see aboard the Black Pearl, but with Disney Dreams, pretty much anything can happen -- and anyone can show up. The latest batch of ads featuring celebrities re-enacting famous Disney moments features Johnny Depp decked out as Captain Jack with Patti Smith getting her pirate on. 

It does kind of make you want to book a flight to Orlando and book a room at the Pop Century hotel, doesn't it?

And, actually, the more we think about it, it makes complete sense that Patti Smith is part of Jack Sparrow's crew. Well played, Disney!

Check out the pics below -- you can see larger versions over at BuzzFeed. Ahoy!

Disney Dreams

Disney Dreams